Balade des Lucioles

Guided tour


Become an explorer of the cave system of Saint Marcel! With your flashlight alone, you will experience new sensations throughout this extraordinary visit of the touristic galleries, all while learning about the geological phenomena that created the spectacular scenery around you.
The two most beautiful chambers will be highlighted by exciting sound and light shows.

  • Picnic area
    Picnic area
  • Toilets
  • Car park
    Car park
  • Snack bar
    Snack bar
  • Visites :
    • Guided tour
  • Length :
    • 1hr
  • Language :
    • French
  • From :
    • 13€ adult entrance fee
Good to know
  • Distance to cover :
    • 416 steps
  • Don’t forget :
    • Make sure you are warmly dressed as the temperature in the cave is 14°C, winter and summer alike.
    • Les chiens ne sont pas autorisés (sauf petit chien tenu dans les bras)