Explore the Ardèche Gorges


The Ardèche Gorges are a sensitive natural area (Espace Naturel Sensible) comprising/covering/taking in a National Nature Reserve, a listed site and a Natura 2000 site, all managed by the Ardèche Gorges Management Association (Syndicat de Gestion des Gorges de l’Ardèche).
The Gorges are at the foot of the Cévennes mountains at the intersection of several bioclimatic zones. The several-hundred-foot deep canyon was carved out by the Ardèche river as it literally cut an immense limestone plateau in two.
The limestone was formed 110m years ago during the Urgonian period. Since then, it has been subjected to a multitude of forces which have fashioned the landscape into the karst we see today with its great variety of caves and caverns, sinkholes, crags and limestone pavements. Our present-day Mediterranean climate is marked by periods of drought in the summer followed by extremely heavy autumn rains in the Cévennes which which cause sometimes dramatic flash flooding.
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Hundreds of natural cavities, beautiful natural beaches and a rich biodiversity make the National Nature Reserve of the Ardèche Gorges a great place to explore not only for families, but also for scientists and sports enthusiasts.
You can discover this unspoilt environment in a variety of ways, it’s up to you to decide how : canoe, hike, cycle, crawl through its underground or scale its heights!
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