The Wine Project


How to draw the best out of the terroir ! Since 2015, Grotte Saint Marcel has become a natural cellar where wine is aged. Uniform temperatures and humidity, total darkness, its carbon dioxide level … the ideal conditions for exceptional wines !
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Saint Marcel’s winegrowers initiated the project and have taken to ageing their best vintages in Grotte Saint Marcel for around 2 years, notably their Côtes du Rhône Villages Saint Andéol. Comparative tasting sessions of the same vintages raised above ground on their estate and down in the cave leave no doubt: the wines matured underground gain in subtlety, freshness and minerality and their spicy and fruity flavours are more intense.
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La Cave Naturelle des Gorges de l’Ardèche®  created in 2015 is an underground maturing cellar right in the heart of Grotte Saint Marcel.
Here are a few figures:
  • 3,000 bottles stored underground
  • The largest underground network in Ardèche with 62 km of galleries
  • A constant temperature of 13.8°C
  • 86% humidity
Several registered designation of origin wines (AOC) are represented : Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône Villages et Côtes du Rhône Villages Saint-Andéol. 

7 wine estates on Saint Marcel d’Ardèche territory age their wines in this natural wine cellar, la Cave Naturelle des Gorges de l'Ardèche® :
  • Cellier des Gorges de l’Ardèche
  • Cellier du Moulas
  • Domaine Champs Vermeil
  • Domaine du Chapitre
  • Domaine de Couron
  • Domaine Notre-Dame de Cousignac
  • Domaine Saladin
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If you want to experience first hand the fascination of sampling wine underground, then choose either our Epicurean or Spéléoenologie tour.